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4 Planning Tips to Create the Perfect Bar for your Event

Planning a bar for your event can be overwhelming, there are a lot of decisions to make and typically alcohol comes out to be a large part of your event budget. We have some tips to help you get the conversation started on planning your bar.

1. Choose between Hosted, Cash or Partially Hosted Bar

Alcohol can consume a large part of your event budget; the best way to work with a lower budget for bar is to choose a cash or partially hosted bar - this puts some of the responsibility of paying for alcohol on your guests.

A hosted bar means that you as the host pay for all the drinks offered at the bar. Within this option there are many ways to control the budget - for example, you can just offer beer and wine, or maybe beer, wine and two signature cocktails. By no means do you have to offer a full liquor bar to your guests.

A partially hosted bar means that you pay for part of the drinks offered at your bar. There are many ways to do this, you can host beer and wine but maybe the guests pay for liquor, you can choose an amount to host, for example maybe you host the bar up to $1000 and then after that guests are responsible for their own drinks.

A cash bar means that guests are responsible for all drinks at the event. We offer credit card sales as well and guests can easily open tabs so that they do not have to have their credit card on them all night.

2. Select Beer Options

We love offering local craft beer. We offer 1/6 barrel kegs so that you can choose up to 6 different beers - all on draft for your event. We find that guests love having the different options. We recommend choose 1 or 2 domestic options, like Coors Light or Budweiser depending on your crowd and then exploring the craft world! Choose beers based on the season in which you are hosting your event - light beers like kolsch or lagers in the summer and ambers or stouts in the winter!

3. Wine Selections

We recommend choosing one white, one red and one rose to offer for your event (winter events can skip the rose). Rose at summer weddings is always the most popular. It is important to choose popular varietals that the majority of people are familiar with - for summer events we love Sauvingnon Blanc and Pinot Noirs.

4. Specialty Cocktails

His and her cocktails are so much fun, they add a personal touch to your wedding and guests always love them! Choose something that YOU LOVE, often time we see couples choosing one whiskey drink and one vodka drink, but the sky is the limit and it is really all about you! Some of our favorites include: huckleberry margarita, montana mule, blackberry crush, french 75 or red or white sangria.

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